Treatment Facilities Can Now Provide Continued Support Online With eHome AfterCare
Help your patients and their families continue their success anywhere, anytime.
  • Provide family counseling and extend the treatment cycle with three months of aftercare through a turnkey, private-label program
  • Increase reimbursement per patient with a value-added program
  • Serve and maintain contact with out-of-area patients
5 Stars

“ I desperately needed someone to talk with right away. A friend told me about eHome counselors. I was able to schedule my first of many session with James in a matter of days. The video format felt like we were in the same room. He was understanding, caring and helpful. I know there are no quick fixes for the pain my husband has caused me. I’m just glad I am not alone.”

- Wife and mother
Why eHome Aftercare?

eHome Aftercare is a comprehensive family counseling and post-residential program with proven success. EHAC's proprietary Sixth Sense Counselor Recruitment Model™ recruits and selects the highest quality counselors to ensure consistent, quality results. With a 21 year history of counseling service, this process has led to a 91% satisfaction rate regarding positive client outcomes.


Identification of counselors possessing strong ability to develop therapeutic alliance with clients


Evaluate congruence between personal growth and professional identity

Personal Growth
and Maturity

Join others who are getting better in private, confidential, HIPAA compliant groups. Participate in eight (8) expertly facilitated ONLINE recovery groups.

and Vision Fit

Pursue counselors committed to excellent clinical care, building upon client strengths and delivering hope

Partner With Us And We Take Care Of The Rest!

Your client and their family are enrolled by you at the beginning of their treatment. After completion of the residential phase, the client or their care manager logs into the system and aftercare begins.

1. Initial Appointment Scheduling
  • Client selects data and time for individual counseling evaluation.
  • Client's intake forms are completed and processed electronically and securely.
  • Email is sent to client with link to HIPPA document for e-signature.
  • Email is sent to eHome counselor to inform them of new client's appointment.
  • Client participates in individual and group video and text counseling sessions.
  • Email is sent to client with survey and to schedule next group session.
  • Client engages with 24 Sober 101© video lessons.
  • Upon completion, client receives certificate.
Exclusive Program Components

eHome Counseling Aftercare provides four months of family counseling and three months of patient counseling, with weekly video and text counseling sessions, along with 24-7 crisis texting and online video resources, to ensure your clients are supported and sustained after leaving your facility. The program includes:

  1. Dedicated, private label enrollment website and patient app
  2. 20 family counseling sessions
  3. Initial patient assessment including M3 testing and counselor evaluation
  4. Individualized treatment plan including individual, group and text counseling
  5. 45 minute individual video counseling sessions (1-4 sessions per month, depending on severity)
  6. 75 minute group video counseling session (4 sessions per month / 1:8 therapist to client ratio)
  7. 15 minute individual scheduled texting counseling sessions (8 times per month)
  8. 24 hour/7 day per week unscheduled texting therapy
  9. Sober101 Resource Library, including 24 video lessons
  10. Patient intake physician notes
  11. Predictive data analysis
  12. Electronic Medical Records
  13. Scheduling online and via a patient portal
  14. Telehealth video conferencing program


"My counselor helped give me clarity in the midst of a bad situation."

"My sessions have been a breath of fresh air! In a short couple months I was already feeling so much better."

"My crisis was a wake up call. It's been very dark...but now I have hope again."